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FOX Business
Dec 2, 2012 8:00am EST
now taking their fights over wages to mcdonald's in new york ci. from mickey d's to wal-mart to one of our nation's busiest airports to key shipping ports. big labor is flexing its big muscles after the election and gary b, you say it's a big problem for us, the consumers, how so? >> absolutely, brenda, look, everyone should realize what unions are, unions are a little monopoly in the comny and exercising the the monopoly powers, raise the rates and this days the wages for their employees through an unsustainable level. so what the employees have to do is pass those costs on to the consumer. you know, you just have to ask, brenda, where have unions made an industry more competitive? i can think of examples where they haven't, airlines, steel, auto, across the board, governments they put out of business, if even can argue they've made it more competitive. i'd stand up for unions and i can't find aexample. >> prices have gone up in all of tho industries and you say, fast foods, too cheap? >> yeah, i mean, i'll tell y what, i don't actually believe that we'll see unions at the fast foo
FOX Business
Dec 23, 2012 8:00am EST
on the unions getting on employment, basically. >> it's tough, because certain like new york have high union, and okay jobs. the kind of jobs the companies are losing and making if they have natural resources in the growth area, but largely speaking to gary's point. unions mean higher wages and higher unemployment. removing them means lower unemployment, lower wages. right now, the economy could use the jobs more than the higher wages and both in the real world. but frankly the wheels have left the barn, whatever, because they're losing jobs in the state that are allowing you to pay unions-- and unless the whole country has the same rules it's already going to happen. >> brenda: larry, unions are fighting hard because their membership has been declining dramatically, just 12% of the work force right now? >> exactly right, brenda. this is about keeping and creating jobs in a state like michigan, highly skilled work force and they've been bleeding jobs. and unions are big labor is big business in this country and a billion dollars a year on these elections and these are failed, failed policies
FOX Business
Dec 16, 2012 8:00am EST
news function but look to the earthquake up couple years ago that was not much damage. what if it wiped out york and washington? it will work when nothing else does. others would have been knocked off. john: you'll learn about it from tv and radio. i learned about it now. >> i have a battery operated radio. >> the anchor man says this happened. >> this is a boondoggle. and you guys never stop. >> make sure the public remains safe. >> 12 hours after the storm began it look like the emergency alert because take shelter now. 12 hours into the storm i am not personally directing it at you this is government thinking spend the money for a second to rate stuff. >> you mentioned of local alert. we have to and include training for emergency workers say you are right. 12 hours is not acceptable that was a failure but to still have dealer system i appreciate the fact i got the alert that said take cover. john: thank you jamie barnett. my government projects may from dangerous chemicals. base steady if this dangerous to wash your hands with this so poor brush with this toothpaste. their conclusion
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3